Top 10 Must Have Music Apps For Your Cell Phone

Here is the list of top 10 must have music apps for your smartphone:


1. iMeem: This is the one of the best streaming music app available for your Android based Droid, Eris and Hero. iMeem transforms Android based smartphone into a personal jukebox, where a user can listen to and save favorite artist-stations and make custom playlists. To download search for iMeem in Android Market.

2. TuneWiki: This app for Android based phones streams music and video to user’s mobile device, and plays the music stored on their memory card. The app can also stream songs and YouTube videos. TuneWiki shows its user the lyrics of the song playing and also allows to get social with mapped charts of music played around the globe. Click here to download


3. Pandora Radio: This app for iPhone users is a full-featured experience accompanied by full album art, artist bios, and a horizontal view of recently played songs. The app also features a huge catalog of music for its user to discover. The app uses an extensive online database of expert music analysis, and helps a user to discover music based on their favorite songs and artists via hundreds of musical attributes. Click here to download

4. OurStage: This app for iPhone showcase new music from independent and major labels, and from unsigned bands as well. Unlike other music app OurStage is dedicated to listeners who love new music and therefore you will not find back catalogs of Pandora or LastFM. Click here to download

Symbian S60

5. Mobbler: A great Last.FM app for Symbian S60 mobile phones and works with latest Nokia phones, including the 5800 and the N97, and also with nontouchscreen phones from Nokia like the E52 and E72. This app for Symbian S60 phones streams music based on a user preferences, and also on the music listened to on the native Nokia music app on their phone. Click here to download

6. Nokia Internet Radio: The service uses 3G, Wi-Fi, and even GPRS networks and enables its users to listen to Webcasts from around the world on their Symbian S60 phone. Click here to download


7. AccuRadio: The app offers dozens of radio channels to browse through, with an intuitive interface. The home screen is a simple list of available genres, which in turn display lists of active channels you can listen to. AccuRadio also enables its users to block any particular band in the radio station, and the “Now Playing” mode offers thorough information on the artist and the album the song is from. Click here to download

8. RadioTime: The app allows its user to choose stations based on location, enabling a user to use geolocation to find local stations around rather than scanning frequencies. Click here to download


9. iheartradio: This is the best FM radio app for BlackBerry users who love listening to their favorite FM radio broadcasts. The iHeartradio app can be used over 3G  or Wi-Fi networks and can get over 350 U.S. radio stations. Click here to download

10. Slacker Radio: The app gives access to any of your personalized Slacker stations, along with more than 100 stations preprogrammed by music experts right on your Blackberry. You can even create your own mix and create a custom station right from your BlackBerry. Click here to download


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