Free Android Phone Security App: Secure Data, Protect Your Identity Enables Safe Browsing

WaveSecure is a free Android security app for the android based Motorola Droid, HTC Eris, Magic, Hero and G1. The WaveSecure app is a complete mobile security service.

The app allows users protect data, secure privacy in the event of fraud and enhance the opportunity of getting back the handset.

WaveSecure comes with other features that includes:

1. Lock and secure your Android phone

This security app will automatically lock your phone once it detects a SIM change. This prevents unauthorized use and makes the phone worthless to the thief.

2. Back up your data for protection

Select to back up data straight from your Android phone or remotely on the web. Prominent personal information such as SMS, contacts and call logs can be stored securely on WaveSecure web site. In addition to keeping your data safe, you will be able to access them with a web browser.

3. Restore your data when needed

WaveSecure lets you restore your SMS and contacts stored online to your phone. If you find that a hassle, trigger a restore of your backed up information from WaveSecure web site. This will send your personal data wirelessly from our servers to your mobile.

Opt for to display a message on the device to prompt theĀ  finder to return the device. If you want, you can sound like an alarm remotely to warn the thief and increase the chances of recovering your phone.

Compatible With:

  • Motorola: Cliq, Dext, Droid
  • Acer: Liquid(A1)
  • HTC: Dream G1, Hero, Magic, Tattoo
  • LG: Eve GW620
  • Samsung: i7500
  • T-Mobile: G1

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