New iPad Data Plans From AT&T: $30 Unlimited and $15 Limited Monthly

The data plan for Apple iPad from AT&T is already announced, and it is tempting for users who are familiar with data service plans for laptop under contract.

iPad data plans from AT&T includes:

1. $30 Unlimited: AT&T is offering a $30 monthly unlimited data plan without a contract for iPad owners. If this plan is compared with the similar service for a laptop under contract then it the cost is very attractive and is almost half.

2. $15 Limited Download:
There will also be a $15 per month option with limited downloads. The price will include use of AT&T’s network of Wi-Fi hotspots, which eases pressure on the cellular network.

Explaining the business model behind new data plans for Apple iPad Rick Linder of AT&T said ” It is a substantially different model from our typical postpaid customer economics in that we’re not subsidizing the device. Customers will buy the device, they’ll activate on an online basis, and they will pay for it via a credit card, pay in advance”. “So we don’t have the normal acquisition costs, setup costs, billing costs, so on and so forth. So then it comes down to forecasts and estimates for usage on the device.”


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