Free Android Digital Radio App: Play 82 Streaming Digital Radio Station

StreamingRadio 1.0 is a free Android digital radio player for android based Motorola Droid, HTC Eris, Magic, Hero and G1.

Under Android SDK for GPhone, StreamingRadio is digital radio station player. StreamingRadio allows you to play 82 streaming digital radio station on your GPhone.

  • Easy to use, just a few clicks, you can enjoy real streaming radio on your mobile phone.
  • Well selected 82 digital mp3 streaming radio station.
  • Auto detect socket or http connection for your phone.
  • Less memory requirement both apk file and run time.
  • Play radio streaming is expensive if you don’t have monthly data package for your mobile phone.
  • We hope real GPhone operator will provide cheap 3G data access for users.
  • Press key D to debug if error happens.
  • If you use Android emulator behind firewall, you need to set the proxy.

Compatible With:

  • Acer: Liquid(A1)
  • HTC: Dream G1, Hero, Magic, Tattoo
  • LG: Eve GW620
  • Motorola: Cliq, Dext, Droid
  • Samsung: i7500
  • T-Mobile: G1

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