Download Free Android Game SameColors For Droid And HTC

SameColors 2.02.00 is a free Android game for android based Motorola Droid, HTC Eris, Magic, Hero and G1. In SameColors, player remove all blocks by selecting the largest groups of pieces with the same color.

The aim of the game is to remove all blocks from the board by choosing the largest groups of pieces with the same color. You can remove blocks with same color that are touching each other vertically or horizontally.

The score is calculated as follows: (n-1)*(n-1), where n is the number of removed blocks at one time. Bonus is added if the board is absolutely cleared. The bonus added is the size of the board.

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Compatible With:

  • Acer: Liquid(A1)
  • HTC: Dream G1, Hero, Magic, Tattoo
  • LG: Eve GW620
  • Motorola: Cliq, Dext, Droid
  • Samsung: i7500
  • T-Mobile: G1

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