Motorola Droid Rooted: How To Root Your Droid And Change Visual Theme Or Use Restricted Apps


Root access means users gain full rights to control the phone, taking the power away from the phone maker Motorola and its carrier Verizon Wireless. In Android lingo a hacked phone is said to be rooted as opposed to being unlocked or jailbroken.

Benefits of rooting the Droid:

  • A rooted Droid would allow you to modify the operating system any way you want
  • User can change the handset’s visual theme
  • You can use applications or functions that may be forbidden or restricted by your carrier

How to root Motorola Droid:

  1. Download the 2.0.1)
  2. Download the root fileĀ
  3. Append the above two files by opening a command prompt from Start>run>cmd and Navigate to the folder where both and are located then just use the command given “copy /b” — it’ll make a new file name in the same folder.
  4. Copy “” to the sdcard of your phone
  5. Boot the phone to recovery mode (hold X and power the phone on). If done correctly You’ll get a triangle + exclamation point.
  6. Apply the update by pressing Volume Up + Camera

Eclair has a new signature checking mechanism, which has a hole allowing unsigned updates up to a certain size.
bootable/recovery/verifier.c notes that a zip file could be hidden in the signature, and has measures to prevent this, but due to a copy/paste mishap, does not check for a hidden zip properly.
This was brought to my attention by embeem, a week or two ago. I do not know who mentioned the problem to him.
Patch that closes the hole:

Note: The root exploit doesn’t update your system, but you can update your system then apply the root exploit.
Note that applying any official update will make ‘su’ not work, so you will have to re-apply the root exploit.

After the Droid has been rooted or hacked you can gain root access to the phone. But rooting your Droid won’t do much for you at the moment. That’s because software designed to take advantage of hacked Droids doesn’t exist yet. May be as someone has posted that HTC Sense UI be released for rooted Motorola Droid by the community or some individual.


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