Like Gmail Google To Offer Nexus One By Invitation Only

Google it seems in an attempt to create demand for its upcoming Nexus One is going to offer the smartphone by invitation only.

Google could let consumers purchase the Nexus One and pick their carrier over the Web, which many agreed is an attractive value proposition. As blogs and news sites are reporting Google will offer the Nexus One by invitation only, a strange strategy at a time when Android is fighting Apple’s iPhone to gain market share.

It’s certainly is not wise to offer the smartphone by invitation only at a time when customers continue to weigh Android devices such as the Motorola Droid versus the iPhone. The market has not yet matured to the point where most consumers are strictly looking for the next Android or iPhone without mulling a device from the other company.

Nexus One is, in fact, being sold unlocked and unsubsidized for its full $500 to $600. Maybe Google wants to check how many people bites early in 2010 after the holiday season is the only answer why the Google would take such an strange approach to bringing the Nexus One to market.


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