Download Top 10 Free Android Games


Download top 10 free games for your cell phone based on Google Android OS

1) Doom: This version of doom was originally adapted to android by Vladimir Slava, as it is licensed under the GNU license it is available for free to the public. This port of the 90’s classic works really well on Android.  Even if you have a Touch-Only phone, like the MyTouch 3G, the port of Doom plays really well with onscreen controls.  It will play any WAD file that you can throw at it, but if you don’t own an actual copy of Doom, the app itself allows you to download the demo levels that were originally distributed with Doom. Click here to download Doom

2) SpeedForge 3D: Speed Forge is a racing game set in the future. In SpeedForge 3D, player will be flying a floating car that can shoot weaponry as he pick it up. The controls take some getting used to, so it requires a few sessions before gamers will feel comfortable moving the ship forward. Hovercraft steering is done by tilting the phone left and right so the accelerometer can determine which direction to lean. Settings can be changed to increase motion sensitivity. The game is currently available at SlideME for $4.99, because Polish developers cannot sell apps on the Android Market yet.

3) Nesoid Lite: Nesoid is an emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment console, allowing you to run classic NES games on your GPhone. The Droid will have no trouble at all with Nesoid.  Basically, if you want to play NES games on your phone, Nesoid is the way to do it. The free version will not save your game. This is available in the Android Market for download.

4) Frozen Bubble: Knock the bubbles down by forming clusters of three or more bubbles. Frozen Bubble is one of the few games available that plays really well in “tall screen” mode. New in version 1.3 – a bugfix for Android 2.0 (e.g., Verizon Droid): the darker square around the launcher should disappear. This game is available for download, just search for Frozen Bubble in Android Market.

5) Jewels: Jewels was developed for Android by MHGames. Jewels is a great clone of the game Bejeweled and the latest version comes with Update notification system and improved touch dragging more. To download Jewels just search for “Jewels” in the Android Market form your handset.

6) RoboDefense Free: This is an excellent free tower defense games where your objective is to set up defenses to protect a base.  Powering up these defenses, and discovering ways to trap your enemy is the fun of the game. This game is addictive, highly customizable, challenging, and incredibly fun. For $2.99, it is a great value that will provide many hours of challenging entertainment. To download search for RoboDefense in Android Market

7) Mystique Chapter 1 by Bendroid: Mystique is a horror/puzzle game played from a first person point of view.  This is one of the true 3D games in the market and it also happens to be free for a limited time. You’re locked in and you have to find your way out.  It’s a point and click adventure, and you combine items to solve puzzles. Download from Android Marketplace

8 ) Bonsai Blast : It’s a hugely entertaining Puzzle Bobble-style reaction-tester. The aim is to fire brightly coloured balls from a brightly coloured cannon. When you get three brightly coloured balls in a row, they disappear and you get some points. Download from Android Marketplace.

9) Abduction: In the game it’s your job to bounce happily up a series of platforms until you reach a spaceship at the end. On the way, you’ll encounter presents, which when opened by your cattle-based avatar will give you little bonuses, like the ability to jump higher. Abduction has six game modes, starting at ‘kids’ and finishing with something called ‘evil infinite’. Download from Android Marketplace.

10) Cestos: Cestos is a multiplayer Android game so you’ll need a mobile Web connection to fire it up, but it finds opponents automatically. Cestos is the second ball-based game. The best tactic with this game is to ping the little balls around the screen as agressivly as possible and hope none of yours fall down the holes. A ball dropping down the hole is the end of the road for that particular ball, and if it’s your last ball, the end of your game. The idea is, quite simply, to be the last player with a ball on the platform. This game available in Android Marketplace just search for Cestos.


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