Samsung Bada OS Based Cell Phone: Get Ready To Get Confused


Samsung mobile platform, named ‘Bada’ will put the world’s second-largest cellphone maker in competition with some of its key technology suppliers such as Microsoft Corp. and Google Inc.

Clouds have nonetheless formed over Symbian as Nokia, the largest proponent of the operating system, has also been linked to dropping the OS in favor of Android and its own Linux based Maemo for upcoming smartphones.

Samsung with Bada will just crowd the market with one more OS and confuse customers already struggling with options made available by Nokia’s maemo, Palm WebOs and Google’s Android.

Samsung on Tuesday launched a Web site aimed at attracting software developers to its proprietary operating system as the company is expected to offer its first bada-based smart phone in the first half of next year.

Bada means ocean in Korean, is an “open mobile platform” which will sit pretty on Samsung phones while letting punters get easy access to apps. In mobile company speak, it means you’ll be able to “enjoy a fun and diverse mobile experience.” It’ll bring fully fledged apps to Samsung’s phones, even if they’re not running traditional smartphone software, such as Android or Windows Mobile.


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