Sony Ericsson Aino: For $600 Not A Bad Deal For Style Conscious People


For the style conscious people who love smartphones but are sick of phones looking like designed for masses then Sony Ericsson Aino is for you.

The Aino is an attractive slider device featuring a 3.0-inch touchscreen display on its front face that slides to reveal a dialing keypad. The price tag of $600 for unlocked version is just too much for an average cosumer, as many bloggers are wondering if there are enough rich people left who are willing to pay $600 for a phone which doesn’t even run any smartphone OS.

The phone comes with some nice media features like:

  • Aino allows users to remotely access media content on PS3 consoles. PS3 Remote Play support allows users to power on the gaming console, access the Internet, play locally-stored media, or navigate the interface.
  • Aino is also capable of transferring PC media via a standard Wi-Fi connection

The phone’s high-end features includes:

  • 8.1-megapixel camera with flash and image stabilization
  • Media browser with 3D navigation: right, left and in depth with a touch interface that enables users to quickly flip back and forth between various items
  • GPS that supports photo geo tagging in conjunction with Google Maps

Sony Ericsson is also offering goodies like a matching pair of Bluetooth stereo earbuds, a charging dock and an 8GB microSD memory card.

The Aino offers 3G data over EDGE networks, DLNA certification, an FM radio, GPS and stereo Bluetooth.

The Sony Ericsson Aino is available now in Sony Style retail locations and online for $600 unlocked.


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