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Samsung Jet S8003: How To Enable GPS Navigation And Navigation Route 66 For Free

29 September 2009 145 Comments

samsung s8003 navigate 300x149 Samsung Jet S8003: How To Enable GPS Navigation And Navigation Route 66 For Free

Samsung Jet S8003 comes with preinstalled GPS navigation and to enable the feature you should follow these steps:

  1. press *#6984125*# .This will open “Admin settings”
  2. go to Internals and then enter master key *#9072641*# “Done” and “Confirm” .This will open other “Internals”
  3. go to LbsApp and then go to “Navigation” , “Enable” and ” Save “

The phone will restart and when you open the ” menu ” you will find the “Navigation” icon

If you want to disable it you follow the same steps.

To get the Navigation Route 66 for free you have to download route 66 from the website and install it on the memory card follow the next steps :

  1. Go to http://www.66.com/samsung/inde…cat=2&scat=1 and follow the instructions.
  2. Click the link to start the download.
  3. Save the file to your PC.
  4. After you’ve saved the file to your PC, click the file to run it.
  5. Follow the instructions until the wizard completes.
  6. Start ROUTE 66 Sync on your PC. If you are informed that a newer version of ROUTE 66 Sync is available, then please install this newer version.
  7. Connect your phone to your PC with a USB data cable and select “Mass storage” on the phone screen, then follow the instructions until the wizard completes.
  8. Create a ROUTE 66 account by going to “File > Create account” and then log in.
  9. Select “Store > ROUTE 66 Store” and browse the content.
  10. Identify which products you need and add them to the shopping cart.
  11. When all free products are in the shopping cart, select “Checkout”. If you also want a to buy something then downloading of the content will start automatically after your payment has been completed successfully. The content is first downloaded to the PC and then transferred to your phone.
  12. Disconnect your phone from the PC..
  13. Start the navigation application on your phone by selecting “Navigation” in the main menu.

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  • mousqy said:

    been trying to enable the navigation option
    tried *#6984125*# but only to see “requesting…” then “incorrect data”
    checked the firmware its S8003DXIG2
    plz help im really trying to use route66 on my JET
    im not sure what im doing wrong, its pointless to use Gmaps coz it streams the maps which will cost me..
    help any one plzz

  • vals said:

    Worked perfectly. Thanks a ton for the post. I use S8003.

  • SL Pg said:

    hi all,
    I jus got my new Samsung S8003, now facing the same problem as “mousqy”.
    I tried *#6984125*#, but only to see “requesting…” then “incorrect data”.
    Anyone has any idea? please help coz quite disappointed with a jet that can’t access gps navigation

  • Raj said:

    mine is S8003 with S8003DDIG1 firmware and this *#6984125*# code doesn’t work. “incorrect data error”.

  • Henk said:

    *#6984125*# code doesn’t work, any other alternatives to get the the navigation icon in my menu?

  • Ranjith said:

    hello friends.. really a lots and lots of thanks for the solution… this idea worked great.. a week ago i bought samsung jet s8003.. i was doing research to activate navigator.. finally i got this site.. it really works 101%.. so its applicable for samsung jet s8003 model…

    Note: if any one know how to activate the navigation in nokia 5800 xpressmusic plz mail me @ ranjithvkumar@yahoo.co.in its very urgent friends…

    thanks in advance.

  • SL Pg said:

    Hi Ranjith,
    Could you please let us know the firmware for your Samsung Jet S8003?

  • James said:

    Hi All,

    It worked exactly like how you said and i got an ICON in my main menu. But when i cliked that its says “One or more resource files are missing . Please use the ROUTE 66 Sync Software” . But its not there in my CD ?

    Any body help me further???


  • ikouy09 said:

    it doesnt work on my phone too….

  • Jay said:


    The procedure mentioned does not work for S8003 jet which i bought in chennai. Has anyone managed to get the code, please help me and others….

  • RockerRock said:


    I have purchased a S8003 version DDIG1..
    To enter admin settings use following codes:

    admin menu: *#5239870*#
    internal menu password: *#7092463*#

    These codes work for other 8003 versions also..

    Can sombody tell me how to install jar files on S8003 version??

  • komeil said:

    Hello to all Dear Friends
    I’m Kamil
    I was about 2 months that this model of Samsung jet 8003 and I succeeded through this site have been enabled to Navygyshn.
    Thanks to all my friends
    Contact me +98 91 17 16 1982

  • niraj kumar said:

    the code *#5239870*#
    worked for my handset…….can u tell me is route 66 free of cost or is it chargeable

  • RockerRock said:

    Route 66 is a free download… U can find it on the below website:
    go to the downloads tab…

    can sombody tel me how to install jar files in samsung jet S8003???

  • Nick said:

    installing jar file is just like other Symbian phones. just copy the jar file to the phone. (either from bluetooth or Storage Mode) and then run the file in the phone. it will install under Games folder.

  • sabbu said:

    Hello All ! Thank you Mr RockerRock……….i have purchased my jet few days back and able to install navigation software…

  • Nick said:

    thanks guys, just finish downloading the software and map for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and HongKong.

    really nice one. thanks alot. :D

  • RockerRock said:

    Hi Nick.. I tried that way but it gives me the error msg: unsupported file format…

    I think u r tlkng abt JET S8000 model… In S8003 jar files gives the error msg whn trying to install them…

    which model and firmware u r holding???

  • Bapi said:

    Hi all, I’m desperate and unable to install navigator on my new samsung jet s8003. i have enabled Navigation. downloaded the software. After that when Installation starts i’m getting an error message “Unable to connect to the Route 66 server Please check your internet connetcion and try again”. But my internet is really working fine. Also tried other connection settings. Via proxy, Internet explorer settings, automatic proxy but no one worked out.
    I’m using Tata broad band connection.

    Please help me someone. I’m struck. Found no ways to move forward.


  • Noman said:

    @ Bapi

    You should try one of this:

    1. Try on different pc
    2. Yoy might have have installed some programs that change youur internet settings so you need to remove these like proxy programs. Sometimes even uninstalling them doesn’t work so you might have to reinstall Windows!

  • Jet User said:

    @ RockerRock
    Thank you very much for all your help, I have been able to use the Navigation on my phone and it is working fine..

    Thank you once again…

  • shiva said:

    do any one have voucher code for drive and walk in india

  • Jackson said:

    i agree with rock can anyone tell me which file types are supported in samsung Jets8003 since jar files are generating error message unsupported file type pls help me

  • Jay said:

    Hi RockerRock

    Thank you very much. The code which you gave works….


  • Jay said:


    Looks like your antivirus software on the PC is the problem. Are you using K7? Just disable the antivirus software and try. It might work.

  • edison said:

    THANKS, but one problem.. I seem to cant get to my position. how to make it locate my location?

  • Raja said:

    Edison, it takes 10-15 min to get position first time…so go in open ground preferably and wait for position…

  • Jackson said:

    pls frnds which file types supported by samsung jet s8003 ???????

  • T in Thailand said:

    Hi, tanks for the responses, but I am having the same problem as James. When I activate the software on the phone, there is an error message saying that some resource files are missing. Please, any help??

  • T in Thailand said:

    Guys, the ones who have the problem with error connecting to server, try connecting with a LAN cable and not wireless. It works!!!!

  • T in Thailand said:

    Ok, all loaded, but when I click on store the program just hangs. Any ideas?

  • xiaob said:

    Hi, i have got everything okay just that i can only get my own position. after that i search for example. AMK hub then i select “drive to”, after that there isnt any voice instruction on how to drive there or any arrow on the maps to show the route to take??? does i need to get the licenses before i can use it as a real gps?? please help…

  • pranjeet said:

    its onlie works on samsung jet s8000, the european version…..not in samsung jet s8003, the asian version…….
    and jet is not a 3G fon….its a 3.5G fon……hehehe

  • von_mises said:

    hi guys,
    it works, unfortunately there’s no navigation voice. what’s the point of having your car moving on the road only without knowing your navigation?
    so, the next question is how to get the drive and walk navigation without connecting to the network?

  • von_mises said:

    my mistake because not studying the OS of this phone fisrt. Kind of regret buying this phone due to its OS. hopefully there are more cracking manuals for the GPS like Garmin and TomTom. :(

  • Aayush said:

    do any one have voucher code for drive and walk in india

  • Sam said:

    Any one have voucher code for drive and walk in india

  • s8003 user said:

    For those firmware version is S8003DXIG2 try this:

    1) Enter Admin setting menu *#5239870*#
    2) Enter Internal menu Master key *#7092463*#

    To check firmware version: *#1234#

    hope can solve it.

  • Negm said:

    is this working for firmware version s8003JPIF4 ????

  • Jakiur said:

    what is route 66, what is the map for is it for england. thats all i would like to know. Is it an UK Map?

  • karan said:

    Hi All,

    It worked exactly like how you said and i got an ICON in my main menu. But when i cliked that its says “One or more resource files are missing . Please use the ROUTE 66 Sync Software” . But its not there in my CD ?

    Any body help me further???


  • Jakiur said:

    what is route 66, what is the map for is it for england. thats all i would like to know. Is it a UK Map?

  • RON said:

    this rocks 1o over 1o thumbs up..*#6984125…does not work..try direct admin unlock: THIS WILL WORK FOR SURE!!!! ….THEN BUY MICROSD MEMRY…

    ) Enter Admin setting menu *#5239870*#
    2) Enter Internal menu Master key *#7092463*#

  • RON said:


  • Ryan said:


    u need a license to activate the navigation.

  • Mechatronics said:

    im using GT s8003

    firmware version is S8003DXIG2

    GPS Navigation is not free..you need credit card..how sad….(T_T)

  • abdul said:

    It worked exactly like how you said and i got an ICON in my main menu. But when i cliked that its says “One or more resource files are missing . Please use the ROUTE 66 Sync Software” . But its not there in my CD ?

    Any body help me further???

  • s8003 user said:

    this is a free software for samsung jet s8000/s8003
    but is not free at all…
    you can download some of the map(some of country are free)
    and some feature but not navigation means drive to or walk to are not free…
    and the code above are only for the firmware listed above…
    each firmware version have diferent code to access admin setting…

  • jumbo said:

    Is there any other GPS softwere? Route 66 is not good enough for Asia user.

  • s8003 user said:

    i m looking for other gps software too…
    if any other software pls tell me…
    route 66 data is poor enough in M’sia…

  • sushil said:

    hi friends i am using samsung jet .i can use this application on my phone.but it ask for a voucher number or license key can anyone tell me plzzzzzzzzzz

  • cAl said:

    I had installed it but not try yet,
    It’s a must to buy the navigation option on drive and walk only can working as a navigator ?

  • von_mises said:

    need a hacker here… shit S8003!!! GPS! GPS! GPS!

  • S8003 said:

    Can anyone help me?

    I just enter*#1234# and get sw ver:s8003MBIJ1 and csc ver:S8003 HUTIJ1.

    when i tried to enter the google maps, it started showing downing map , then said failed , let me contact service carriier or google.co.uk


  • von_mises said:

    no need to waste your time trying to install route 66 if you don’t want to pay the code… i want to throw out this f****** phone…

  • MATT said:

    I don’t understand, you said it’s free and abov in the manual you said something about the payment and shopping card? I want to buy this phone, so plz help, is there any kind of payment for maps here or am i mistaken??

  • von_mises said:

    try this:

  • kelvin loh said:

    worked exactly like how you said and i got an ICON in my main menu. But when i cliked that its says “One or more resource files are missing . Please use the ROUTE 66 Sync Software”.

    Can anyone advice how to solve this?

  • stupiduglyidiot said:

    hi all, need help to unlock phone lock as i have forgotten my password. hope some1 can help. thanks a lot

  • dilshadv said:

    hi i am installed properly my samsung jet 8003 navigator software but only not working my current position. plz give me the ripely. dilshadv@gmail.com

  • Anks said:

    Navigator doesnot work indoor. you need to be outside home to make it operational. also it takes some time to catch sattelites.
    I am using it quite confortable in India.

  • aziz said:

    ok ok all

    i want voucher code for Route 66 Sync !!!


  • tanzin said:

    thanks a lot.i was searching for the route 66 sync n finally with the help of this blog i have enabled my s8003 with navigation …thanks aaaa lot merci

  • Mak Moses said:

    Cheers mate. This is working perfectly on a S8003 in Canada. Had to use the other codes found in the thread to enable the GPS though.

  • askoy said:

    i just want to ask again..is this fully free??

  • von_mises said:

    it’s not free at all. don’t waste your time installing this software unless you want to buy the voucher code to activate the drive and walk navigation. yet, this phone is very lame because the gps receiver is not very good. i’m buying new phone now. crap!!!

  • Rambo said:

    Please help me ….

    The version of my phone is

    SW VER – S8000POIG1
    CSC VER – S8000XEFIG1 (ED004)

    I had already installed the software route 66. I need to reinstall the firmware.

    Thank you.

  • Alan said:

    Whoa! Thanks guys, got it working very well

  • karthik said:

    i am done with the navigation icon thing l but unable to proceed further with the installation of route 66 maps ..
    can anyone help me out?
    also can we use any other maps ? pls help tnx

  • R Lower said:

    Do not even consider buying the subscription for Route 66 on the Jet. It is absolute garbage.
    Use the money towards a TomTom, far superior.
    I am very very disappointed with route 66 and would ask for a refund if one was available.
    The worst thing I have bought for a long time. A real waste of money.

    The Jet is a brilliant phone.
    Puzzled as to why Samsung would even think about having route 66 on it.

  • Alan said:

    i need voucher code for Saudi Arabia drive & Walk… pleaseeeee

  • ver said:

    Hi, here is the correct code or samsung jet s8003

    master key :*#7092463*#

  • Drn said:

    Pls help..
    a) where to download Singapore,Malaysia, Thailand and China Map for Route 66?
    b) the Lunar calendar (seen at right bottom of calendar) on my S8003
    is being “cropped”.. how can I amended that?

    pls help.. thanks

  • bobx said:

    hii jenius ppls. recently i got a samsung s8003 jet mobile phone. this is really a very gud cel phone.but during usges of this phone i felt two probs in it.(1st is.) as per ur instructions on this site i had installd navigation system in my cel..n its work…but…when i tried to open it its always ask for a VOUCHER CODE..wil anybudy tel me wt is the VOUCHER CODE??…2nd) i want to lock my personal videos n pics..but i cant..i tried to lock it wid PRIVACY LOCK CODE but i dnt knw wt is the code for it.i enterd thr 00000000 (eight zero) but its incorrect :( … so anybudy thr who knws the solution of my probs..thanx, with warm regards.if u can mail me the solution at robin_hood6900@yahoo.com thanx again…

  • ppanggi said:

    Answers to two BIG questions

    1) Is Route 66 payed or free?

    Lot of maps are for free (you need to download and install them) and you can find where you are standing as well as interesting spots on the map.

    BUT the navigation (indication to get from one place to another)is payed and you need a voucher or code to activate the function.

    2) getting a pirated voucher code?

    It’s not worth it. Samsung jet’s GPS chip is quite weak (you can block satellite signals with a newspaper) and unprecise (sometimes up to few hundred meters… maybe this is not Samsung’s fault but Route66 developers’ one. Well you should not expect too much from a lil slim and relatively cheap pseudo-smartphone). So I strongly recommend you not to use it as a car navigation (you could find yourself driving a one-way in the opposite direction or jump into a river). Just have fun playing with the downloadable free maps and buy yourself a cheap Navi for your car.

  • shahran_md said:

    RockerRock u did ROCK!! i finally managed to get my route66

  • nas said:

    I have installed the route 66 on my amsung jet but its showing me locations in US. any idea how to change it to singapore map settings?

  • rebel said:


  • Matthew Abeke said:

    Please I want to unlock my Samsung Jet S8000; my IMEI no. is 352028032190212. Please help me get the unlocking code.

  • Moron said:

    Is this page setup by the NOOB-MORON-squad ?

    This shit ain’t FREE ! First of all, Samsung LBS (route66) dates from the STONE AGES ! we are 2010, not 1910 , this software acts like it’s made by a bunch of OLD farts (enter an address, needs to have EVERYTHING first, no database compare entry) .. then when all entered you need to do SEARCH (takes +2 minutes /SIGH) and when you actually found it, this superfast phone gets nuked off by this mega-slow route66 poor excuse for a gps solution.

    And you need to PAY for it to actually use guidance .. the maps are free .. right … but totally useless without a license … and who in their RIGHT MIND is going to pay for this SHIT software ?! You have to be BRAINDEAD to do so..

    Honestly, this is a crappy phone with a crappy gps software. We can only hope NAV n GO (igo) or TOM TOM will one day be available for this touchwiz crap (java based) but I doubt it … They are way smarter … they think “why botter” …

    Samsung should STOP making phones, they suck harder every time we see a new model ….

    I will NEVER buy another samsung in my life.

  • sayed said:

    If you install the program { Route 66 }on your computer that lasts until the error 1628 Please help me solve this problem my mail it sayed_soso25@hotmail.com

  • Jack said:

    I have a problem.when i install the route66 sync,it asked me to dial to internat and when the program want to send new objects to my phone it stoped at 1.19% and ask me to try later because of my connection.What do u think of my problem(my mobile:S8003Jet,and i realy need this program)Please Help Me

  • CoLe___ said:

    You dont need route66 sync on yout PC, you can install everything from your Route66 in mobile! Just set your connection on it…

  • amit said:

    hi, guys
    i am using this ph for last 3 month & can anyone plz tell me which file format works on this ph for games & how to install.

    Thanks for ur help.

  • Moy said:

    Hey guys,, u just folow the steps up there,, like i did,, and it will work with u like it did with me,, then follow the steps given to u by the route66 when u download it,, then u enjoy some free features for freeeeeee :D

  • bobx said:

    heyy guys :) i hav an s8003 samsung jet mobile. anybudy tell me how can i lock, the privacy lock. i enter thr eight times 0 as i thoght its a default code but when i enterd my mobile shows its incorrect..i want to lock my files but i cant ..plzz help me soon.thanx

  • New to Jet said:

    hey there, i have installed the route66, and it seems worked pretty alrite….do i need a memory card in order to use the navigation as compulsory??


  • SD said:

    Yes it will insist on putting the map files onto a memory card.

  • E.T said:

    Hi all,

    I have a problem with navigation.When i use navigation,it say “one or more resource files are missing.Plz use the ROUTE 66 sync software included on the CD/DVD to reintstall the application”. I have CD but I don’t know how to intstall in my memory card. If you know, plz advice me.

  • saint.vhivhin said:

    it is available in the philippines ?

  • Tttt said:

    heyy all just checking that after installing this it is completely free??

  • dj said:

    Hi all,

    I have done it until installing route 66 on my pc, but when I connect my samsung jet to pc the wizard doesn’t come up, actually nothing happens.
    And also when I try to creat my account, it says ‘ your device is not connected or is incorrectly connected to pc’, but it is connected properly because I can select mass storage on my phone.

    any body help me out?

  • dj said:

    i bought a micro sd card and the wizard was poped up with expanded memory… now everything is alright.

  • JP said:

    Is this navigation chargeable?do i need internet on mobile to use this????

  • spiros said:

    Can anybody find an activation code of drive and walk navigation of europe?? Or a way to crack it….

  • Roman said:

    Please help me find the activation code of drive and walk navigation of europe? And help unlock my S8000. Thanks. romannovikov1975@mail.ru

  • spiros said:

    Can anybody find an activation code of drive and walk navigation of europe or balkans (i’m at greece)?? Or a way to crack it…. thank you very much.

  • mahdi said:

    hello.thank you.

  • D4/\//\/Y said:

    hi thankz for the info i have installed route 66 not its now on my phone but it says ” Get your license key from the server?” after clicking yes another option comes up says “select Via internet – and – Via text message” i have tried clicking both of them and nothing works i get a delivery report to say my text has been delivered but no responce can you help please

  • zerryna said:

    I found this in a website and it works for samsung S8003 jet

    admin menu: *#5239870*#
    internal menu password: *#7092463*#

    it works!

  • BHUSHAN said:

    this shows requesting and than shows incorrect data, please help me to solve this problem

  • ckyap said:

    How n where to get route 66 VOUCHER CODE for samsung jet s8003 ?Any contact or any bro sister know where to get it??

  • asap ahmed said:

    hey all
    can any one help me
    i need to make my samsung jet s8003 to read and write arabic language
    thanks in advance

  • Sharm said:

    I’ve filled in the registration form and when i clicked continue, an error message pop up “unexpected error”.

    could someone help me on this?

  • 1300cc said:

    to get rid of messages asking “to connect to lic server”
    asuming you have new pc studio, start program….it will ask to connect phone, connect ph and slect mass storage…..now click the sign in button, enter your email address and password then click create account…now just cancel dont put any details and you should see several windows, click the download button that are only free …and just follow the prompt…….

  • almalm said:

    thank you alot i love this site

  • zean said:

    i had flashing my S8003 with new frimware S8003JPIF4 and i trying camera and it takes shots good then when i updating camera frimware it cant do it then the camera cant operate and when i press camera button the camera open with blank screen then the mobile restarted
    i wish to know what happen 2 my mobile’s camera

    I’m so sad

  • pan said:

    I already enabled gps in my M8910 and dowloaded maps but this article dosnt say how to standalone enable “drive and walk”. Anybody know abt this?

  • Chris said:

    I did everything for my S8003,but when I open my Navigator my phone restart, every time. Can someone please help?

    Thanks in advanced.

  • Tommy said:

    Hi Christ,

    Try to tap on the right most bottom the little earth with and arrow which will appear after the route 66 logo.

  • Justin said:

    “11.When all free products are in the shopping cart, select “Checkout”. If you also want a to buy something then downloading of the content will start automatically after your payment has been completed successfully. The content is first downloaded to the PC and then transferred to your phone.”

    Payment? Thought you said it was free?

  • Me said:


    Anybody with voucher for this Route 66 for Europe? tomy_herceg@hotmail.com

  • me said:

    I would very much like to know how to get the Drive and walk navigation feature free even if it is a hack.

  • ern78 said:

    If *#6984125*# dont work,go to Menu>Settings>Phone settings>Navigation and turn it on, the navigation application should appear in your menu.

  • dinesh said:

    i m using samsung S8003,i activated navigation,but in that LBS not working routes and all.. it is asking voucher code,were can i find tid.. how can i activate tis.. pls help me..

  • sudesh said:

    The GPS map open in my S8003 mobile but i cannot see any roads . its blank

  • Denys said:

    Many thanks for the S8003 Route66 post. Worked like a charm. Navigation fully functional.

  • Dev said:

    It seems everyone here wants a free lunch. Please understand that you need to buy drive and walk nevigation and it is not free.

  • RuisseauBlanc said:

    Please help me find the activation code of drive and walk navigation of France or Europe? Thanks. swojtowski@free.fr

  • Shazeb said:

    Hi guys,

    I have installed some Java app on samsung jet and
    I m using net through wifi, whenever i try to connect
    app for example opera it ask me allow to connect it
    keep ask like that and even i say yes to connect

    connection does not work and message come unable
    to connect Internet but google map works fine because
    it is prebuild so any internal setting for other
    java application


  • AgentOrange said:

    hi guys!

    S8000 is different from S8003

  • Kitchen Towels said:

    GPS is now available for tagging pictures on Digital SLRs made by either Canon or Nikon

  • Marjan said:

    Hi All,

    It worked exactly like how you said and i got an ICON in my main menu. But when i cliked that its says “One or more resource files are missing . Please use the ROUTE 66 Sync Software” . But its not there in my CD ?

    Any body help me further???

  • PA Amplifier : said:

    my GPs unit is made by Hewlett Packard and they seem to make very sturdy gps units

  • jr oreto said:


    Ive already installed all the need requirements of samsung LBS, but when i use the application, my phone just restarts.

    Pls help

  • Raine said:

    Hi Guys,

    The code provided in the website didn’t work, but then I tried these codes I got from people in previous posts and that worked –

    admin menu: *#5239870*#
    internal menu password: *#7092463*#

    It activated a new icon in my Samsung Jet S8003 menu called “Navigation” but when I go to use it asks for a memory card to run navigation. Reading the threads, I get an impression that it needs the memory card to install the maps onto before you can use it.

    But give it a shot folks, could be worth it. I’m fairly sure that GPS Navigation will work after I install a microSD card.


  • serpente said:

    Hi, my s8003 restarts when running the navigation, can someone help me what’s the problem? is it my phone? the memory?

  • Andr3! said:

    Open up your dial pad and enter the following, *#5239870*#. Choose INTERNALS and enter the following, *#7092463*#

  • juan said:

    i want to add applications to my samsung jet s8003 any applications and games how can i add…? can someone help me please? thnx

  • Evan said:


    for application and games you can look at a site called getjar (read reviews before you download) and mobile9!! to be honest i’m not happy abt this phone at all…looking forward to the jetdroid project!!!


  • ??? GAV said:


    ?? ???? ?????…

  • Floatin said:

    GPS is really a heaven sent gadget, you can always pinpoint your exact location wherever you are

  • C R 7 said:

    I have a S8000 Jet. Any chance ?

  • Jafer said:

    Dear All
    I Purchased the mobile Samsung
    S8003 Suportting
    admin menu: *#5239870*#
    password: *#7092463*#

    when i go for navigation giving this message
    Get your license keys from the server?
    Do you have vocher code that you wish to use?
    but i not get any Code from the shop.So please assist me to
    solve this problem.

  • kapo said:

    when i go to phone setting after i make my navigation on my menu i didn’t find navigation to activate it please tellme what i do

  • akki said:

    will it work for samsung wave
    and how

  • farzin said:

    my anten dont work good somtime i havent antena

  • Anonymous said:

    Please help me find the activation code of drive and walk navigation of europe? And help unlock my S8000. Thanks. yildirim@doctor.com

  • dochi said:

    What a wonderful article you have here.

  • omnia-i900wm6.5 said:

    i have samsung omnia i900 with windows 6.5this code wont work on my cell as far as i know it is for keypad types not for touceh screen dial pad any idea how do i unlock route 66 navigation for saudi arabiai have install the route 66 it opens map work fine when i drive show me directions where i go but due to navigation is not enable for saudia it can not calculate the route to take me to my desired location any help :-(

  • rizwan said:

    hi evone. i have problm with my samsung s8000 ,in my cell there is a navigation option ,i enable it ,even using route 66 download s/w samsung navigaator lbs in it but still can’t work ,after installing s/w when i go to navigation icon ,its replays “invalid resource path specified”? why this happens ? when i check on website it have a wifi in it but now i can’t see wifi icon in my cell .
    can anyone help me why i can’t use this ?

  • ANKUSH said:

    my samsung gt s8003 LBS APP. NOT WORKING


  • nap said:

    i downloaded route 66 of s8000, is it compatible to s-8003?

  • Erika said:

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