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nokia_Resident Evil_Degeneration

Resident Evil Degeneration was one of the most popular and successful horor games in the mobile N-gage based gaming arena.

In Resident Evil Degeneration the mobile game you will pick up the gears at the same place the movie starts off, Raccoon City. To make the game even more “movie based” the game even starts off with you being left up with a 9mm and an evil undead zombie infecting everyone in its path. Your mission is to make a halt for all the wrong and follow along as more life is being taken and turned against you. History repeats itself and your ultimate goal is to find the antidote to the virus creating it.

The game Resident Evil Degeneration for Nokia N-Gage platform based mobile phones and handheld devices features:

  • Unbelieveable detailed gameplay graphics,
  • High quality sound effects, boosted by great surround sounds,
  • A kick ass story line,
  • Pure 3D 3rd person shooter view,
  • Easy to control gaming controller,
  • Ability to take part on the world rankings on the N-Gage community

This game is compatible with all the Nokia N-Series & E-Series based S60 mobile phones that works with the N-Gage 2.0 operating system including Nokia N81, N82, N85, Nokia N73, N80, N71, N76, N78, N79, N96, N95, N95 8gb, 6120, 5800, 6121, E71, E70, E66 etc

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