Download 10 Most Expensive iPhone Apps


Most of the apps and games on iTunes store are available if not free for 99 cents or less. But like expensive cars there are people who are also buying expensive iPhone Apps available in the App store.
Here is the list of top 10 most expensive iPhone apps.

1) iRa Pro: Costing $900 this app provide access and control to live feeds of video surveillance cameras. The company Lextech Labs which makes this app has not revealed the number of apps sold till date. iRa Pro and iRa Direct are used to view and manage super-expensive enterprise surveillance camera installations. Clients could include corporations, schools, government, etc.  Download

2)  MATG – SAP BusinessOne: Costing $449 this app hooks into SAP’s BusinessOne financial management software. Designed for sales reps or marketing/finance execs. Download

3) PDR Quote: Costing $349 this app is a business software for auto repair capable of creating quotes and invoices, includes huge database of cars, forms you can personalize, etc. Download

4) Mobile Cam Viewer: Costing $349 user can watch and control several flavors of live surveillance cameras. Download

5) Lexi-Dental Complete: Costing $299 this app is in essence is everything a dentist could possibly need in an iPhone app except a credit card swiper. Over 160 radiographs and more than 1,000 photos. Download

6) iDcrm: Costing $200 this app is the first full Microsoft Dynamics CRM app for the iPhone. Download

7) ROSIE Home Automation: Costing $200 this app let its users control their a/v systems, lighting, security, and other services. Requires a ROSIE system. Download

8 ) Nursing Constellation Plus: Costing $180 this is a nursing and medical reference app. Includes access to drug dosing calculation tools, medical dictionary, calculator, etc. Download

9) Interpath: Costing $180 the app Provides remote access to pathology images for medical professionals, used for cancer diagnosis or other disease treatments. Requires an image server like Aperio. Download

10) XA1: Costing $180 this is an audio analysis app that gives “realtime feedback of the audio spectrum” when mixing or doing other audio related work. Download


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