iPhone Enterprise Hitting The Headlines


A report, titled “Making iPhone Work In The Enterprise: Early Lessons Learned,” studied iPhone deployment at Kraft Foods, Oracle, and Amylin Pharmaceutical, and found the handset is easier to support than other mobile platforms in the enterprise environment.
According to the director of one the company “It took all of three days to get the systems running to support iPhone” where iPhone is being used as company’s enterprise netbook.
The Forrester report also finds that iPhone lead to a more productive mobile workforce as the three companies studied have implemented wikis to create community-based support groups for the handset, which has led to reduced support costs. Oracle currently counts 4,000 iPhones among its total mobile base; Kraft is adding 400 phones a month and may top 5,000 by December, while Amylin despite its size still anticipates that as many as 650 of its smartphone-equipped workers — or 75 percent — will use iPhones by the end of the year.
A few issues need to be worked out before iPhone is ready for enterprise deployments but iPhone 3.0’s release in the summer should address some of these problems, particularly CalDAV for calendars, a more automated VPN login process, and significantly tighter security policies that involve disabling built-in cameras in high-security environments as well as creating encrypted backups.


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