Voip is now Mobile

Carriers like Gorilla Mobile are allowing cell-phone users to make calls for virtually free using Internet technology

Users are saving hundreds of dollars a year with Gorilla’s service that relies on Internet-based technology to route wireless calls virtually toll-free.Gorilla, iCall, and a growing number of other services rely on what’s known as Voice over Internet Protocol technology that delivers speech via the Internet in much the same way as e-mail. VoIP calling is already raising a ruckus in telecommunications, putting pressure on the price of land-line calling and luring subscribers toward upstarts like Vonage (VG) and Comcast.By 2011 the number of mobile VoIP users around the world may rise to 100 million from 7 million in 2007, according to ON World, a consulting firm based in San Diego. ON World estimates that in 2011, mobile VoIP voice services may generate $33.7 billion, up from $516 million in 2006, the most recent year for which the figure is available.


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