iPhone 6 Error 53 Solution: Home Button Secret

The iPhone 6 owners are already into their second year of ownership, and few unfortunate souls are facing the dreaded Error 53, which has little to do with the software. The solution is not pleasant for those with broken Home button as it seems the issue is mainly with that specific piece of hardware. Based

iPhone 6S 3D Touch Problem: Solution For The Desperate

The iPhone 6S came with few upgrades and one that made the real impact is the 3D Touch. However, the hardware involved in the feature is now reportedly showing signs of some quality control issues. The users complaining about the problems with 3D Touch is now increasing reporting the same issue on their latest Apple

iPhone 6S Battery Problem: Easy Solutions

It seems that the race to make smartphone thin like paper, battery is the last thing for the designers to worry. The iPhone 6S is also one such smartphone, which is sleek, thin and smart, but battery life is disappointing for most of us. It’s a wide-spread complaint about smartphones on the market, though there

iPhone WhatsApp Problems: Easy Solutions For Major Issues

Many on iPhone are complaining about WhatsApp problems ranging from connectivity issues to video and image downloading. Here we have tried to solve all the major WhatsApp on iPhone problems. 1. Activating WhatsApp and Can’t Verify Call 2. Screen not loading: WhatsApp Messenger only showing blank screen failing to load content. 3. WhatsApp lagging and

Compatible Apple Watch Under $50: Analog And Stylish

Apple Watch is not on everyone’s shopping list as the device is bit expensive and smartphone owners are no more in habit of wearing time on the wrist. However, if the thing is under $50, then why not? Just as we continue to find the best deal this holiday season, we have come across an